Who We Are

Recleim, founded in 2012, brings next-generation appliance recycling to North America. Our flagship facility in Graniteville, South Carolina, features state-of-the-art, completely closed-loop resource recovery technology to cleanly and safely de-manufacture and recycle refrigerators, other large household appliances, and related electronics, while exceeding all existing Environmental Protection Agency standards.

What We Do

Recleim’s proprietary recycling processes recover approximately 95% (by weight) of the commodity components in the appliances it recycles, while safely disposing of hazardous chemicals and minimizing waste and environmental impact. All recycling occurs at one of the most efficient and environmentally sound plants in the U.S.

Why We Do It

Responsibly recycling just one refrigerator or freezer can prevent up to 10 tons of CO2 and CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to taking two cars off the road for a year.

Every year millions of old appliances, like refrigerators and freezers, are replaced and require safe, environmentally friendly disposal. Improper disposal threatens air, ground and water resources because many appliances contain substances that can damage the environment. Unfortunately, many current recycling methods do a poor job of containing toxic components, which are often released in the open air, and minimizing solid waste, which ends up in landfills after all. Through our next-generation, closed-loop demanufacturing process, Recleim provides one of the cleanest, most efficient recycling methods available in the world today. Click here to learn more about putting Recleim’s services to work for you»

Watch Our Progress

The conversion of Graniteville’s historic Hickman Mill plant into Recleim’s state-of-the-art flagship facility is in full swing.  Click here to view a slideshow of the renovations as they progress.