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34 Old Ivy Rd, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342
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118 Hard Street
Hickman Mill Plant
Graniteville, SC 29829
Main: (803) 392-7800
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Next-Generation Recycling For Our Next Generation


Founded in 2012, Recleim provides environmentally-sound recycling and resource recovery for refrigerators and other large appliances, while offering efficient and convenient disposal of these items when they are no longer wanted.

Our flagship facility, based in Graniteville, South Carolina, is the first in North America to feature an entirely closed-loop resource recovery technology. It is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly plants in the world, exceeding all existing Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Our proprietary recycling processes allow Recleim to recover approximately 95% (by weight) of the commodity components in the appliances it recycles, while safely disposing of hazardous chemicals and minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Because of its clean, efficient technologies and strategic partnerships, Recleim is uniquely situated to serve corporate clients ranging from utility companies and appliance retailers to university and health care systems to municipal governments.

Through these initiatives and others, Recleim will greatly enhance the opportunities for, and quality of, appliance recycling in North America.

Read what the Columbia Regional Business Report has to say about Recleim, our recycling program and our efforts to revitalize the the community of Graniteville, SC. [pdf]